software solutions

We can offer bespoke software solutions. If you have a problem, we can normally fix it with some clever software programming. Listed below are a few examples of some of the programs we have created for our clients. The last few years has seen our software interface with the internet more and more. This has meant that we have needed internet facilities outside the provision of the general Internet Service Providers. Our increased involvement with the internet has gradually expanded facilities and expertise so that the natural consequence has been to offer these services to our clients.

• A Flight Booking System for a Hot Air Balloon Company. This software has had a number of step change developments and is running today with several companies. The Booking program has also been adopted by a German company.

• Fingerprint access system for a power station, the system records dates and times of inductions, competency etc., with expiry dates. It registers personnel as on and off site and is integrated with their method of producing Permits To Work.

• Flight Booking software with true client server using MySQL with a number of applications using the internet for online booking, email reconciliation, SMS Texting, and private access to remote pilots.

• A shift Rota Management programme for Drakelow Power Station. Taken up by a number of other companies.

Offering Comprehensive Solutions

Bespoke Software

These are just a few of the software solutions we have created for our clients over the years. If you have exhausted all possibilities of finding a suitable “off the shelf” software solution. Then it is possibly time you gave us a call.

Don’t worry, if you think its an impossible task, we like the challenge. We haven’t been beaten yet.