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Register your Domain Name

Thousands of website addresses are registered every day. If you have a domain name in mind, such as your company name you should register it as quickly as possible. Domain names are a precious commodity – secure the web addresses you want today with The Web House.

Once you’ve registered your domain, you can get your website online and start sending professional, personalised email.

It’s always wise to register the domain you want before someone else does, even if you’re not yet ready to create your website. With The Web House, you can ‘park’ domain names for as long as you like, free of charge, until you’re ready to use them. All you pay is the small annual registration fee to retain the domain name.

New Domain Name Extensions

Hundreds of new domain extensions will soon be available to register so you can secure a unique domain name linking to your brand, industry or location. With The Web House it’s easy to register interest in these new domain names.

As the domain market has matured, it has become increasingly difficult to find a relevant domain name and extension that is still available. With the release of the new domain name extensions, there will now be a much greater opportunity to register a domain that reflects the specific type of industry that you operate in – like .shop, or the geographic region that you are based in – like .london.

The new extensions are being released in batches throughout 2014 and carrying on into 2015. Therefore register your interest now with The Web House and we will advise you of release dates as soon as they become available.

A small selection of the new extensions soon to be available

.bike | .clothing | .plumbing | .guru | .singles | .camera | .photography | .gallery | .equipment | .estate | .graphics | .careers | .photos | .shoes | .menu | .academy | .company | .computer | .management | .systems .London | agency | .bargains | .boutique | .cheap | .codes | .farm | .build | .club | .cool | .events | .dating | .partners | .productions | .bid | .webcam | .trade | .UK | .christmas | .pub | .services | .university | .town | .toys | .coffee | .florist | .house | .international | .holiday | .marketing | .gift | .photo | .buzz | .wiki | .rentals | .ninja | .events | .dating | .partners | .productions | .bid | .webcam | .trade | .tools | .industries | .parts | .supplies | .supply | .ink


    Domain Names